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DoUrPresent! - Die Swiss Homesicknessbox

Are you looking for a suitable gift for friends who have wanderlust and want to move their home abroad for a while or even for a longer period of time?

The Swiss Homesickness Box is an unusual and funny gift for this purpose. It is also suitable as a gift from a larger group, in that case you can contribute even more gadgets.

The Swiss Homesickness Box is a remedy for homesickness, which will surely occur to your friends, who leave Switzerland. The contents of the box will be put together individually by you and must consist of typical Swiss objects...ucht ihr ein passendes Geschenk für Freunde, die das Fernweh gepackt hat, und ihr Heim für eine Weile oder sogar für eine längere Zeit ins Ausland versetzen möchten?


DoUrPresent! - The Wedding Flashmob (Marry you)

Are you looking for a suitable presentation for an upcoming wedding that animates all guests and that the bridal couple will certainly not forget so quickly?

The wedding flash mob for Bruno Mars "Marry Me" is an unusual and funny presentation for this. Think about it: In the middle of the wedding festivities, Bruno Mars "Marry Me" starts to be played a couple of people getting up from their chairs, moving onto the dance floor and starting to move in the rhythm of the song. More and more people join in and do the same movements. The wedding flash mob has started!


DoUrPresent! - The Erasmus Present

Are you looking for a suitable gift for friends you met in the Erasmus exchange year and with whom you spent an unforgettable time far away from your homeland?

Then the Erasmus gift is perfect for you. It can be used as a birthday present as well as a farewell gift. The core message is and remains the same: the expression of the meaning of the unique and unforgettable time spent together in the Erasmus year.


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