The four Mini-Games

Hurry up!

The game leader thinks up a challenge in the following form: "Name three ...!" Thisquestion must correpsond to the cosen topic. The other players try to anser within 15 seconds.

Truth or Lie?

The player thinks up a fantastic story that fits the chosen topic. The story can be true or false. His fellow players have to determine whether it is true or false.

Have your ever...?

The player thinks up a question in the follwing form: "Have/were you ever...!" with the aim of getting "yes" answers. This question must correspond to the chosen topic.

What is it...?

In accordance with his chosen topic, the player thinks up a term, which he presents in pantomime and his fellow players have to guess it within 30 seconds.

Be curious and find out,

how well you know each other!

Order the game!

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