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DoUrOwn! is my personal platform where I not only want to live out my creativity and share it with you, but also encourage you to be more creative.

Be it in the form of self-invented games that encourage creativity Game: Inside your Mind, ideas for personal gifts DoUrPresent!-Blog or inspiring blog posts DoUrOwn!-Blog see below.

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How It Started ...

DourOwn! - My attitude to Life

I love to do things by myself: presents, presentations, party games and so on. However, as soon as I come up with a new idea and share it with family and friends I mostly encounter the same doubts:

"Are you sure you can do it by yourself? Isn’t it too complicated? Is it worth taking the risk? Do you really think that it will work out?"

I keep answering those always the same way:

”I am pretty sure it will work out in some way and let me try it out at least!”

So I keep doing my thing despite all the doubters.

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My BASIC Creativity Principles

(You can) Be creative!

You can't imagine how many times I have heard the following:

" I am just not creative! A creative person should do that!"

To be honest, that's just a lame excuse for me. Every person can be creative. It's true there are persons that are more creative than others, because they inherited a certain talent. However, I think it's actually just a question of attitude and little training.

"Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality."

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Aim for new, innovative ideas!

So, unfortunately my holidays in beautiful Hawaii - the Aloha State - has come to an end. I can tell you there is no better place to recharge your battery and to get the negativity out of your body. The Aloha- Spirit is here all over the place in nature and in people. It is hard to not feel it and to not get in this spirit. Freely explained, the Aloha Spirit is a way of living together with oneself, with all others and with nature as well.

"Aloha means to hear, what is not said, to see, what can not been seen and to know the unknowable"

I am convinced that this life spirit helps one person to be creative.

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Concrete DoUrOwn! Examples


I was at the wedding dinner of a close friend of mine, eating this delicious piece of cake (in fact, wondering since when I like wedding tarts) as a rumour started to make the round:

"The bride did the wedding cake by herself!"

The guests started to look at each other with surprise:

"No, that cannot be. She would not risk that for her wedding!"

I can tell you now: She proved them wrong. She really did it and how she did it! The wedding cake looked so good (I mean take a look at those pictures!) and tasted so well

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Just recently, I watched the documentary "Ice on fire" (2019). I don't know how many of you have heard already of this movie (I haven't until the recommendation by my father), but truly it is a MUST watch documentary, especially in the light of the global warming!

The reason, why I (and also my father) like this movie that much and why I recommend it to you warmly, is that it doesn't put its focus on the blaming. Instead it emphasizes realistic and realizable solutions. Solutions that not only have the goal to reduce our CO2-emissions, but also to proactively remove carbon and minimize therewith our CO2-household. An approach that is desperately needed since only trying to reduce emissions isn't enough anymore.

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I love board games, especially interactive ones! In other words, games where you not only sit at the table, throw the dice and move your game piece without using your head or your creativity. My favourite games are those that, in addition to knowledge, strategy and creativity, also manage to cover a portion of individuality. In my opinion, this combination ensures that no matter how often you play the game, it never gets boring.

How many such games can you think of off the top of your head? Probably only a few or even none at all. At least that's what happened to me, so I decided to create my own dream game.#dourgame This was the birth of "Inside your Mind: How well do you know each other?"#gameiym

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